Our vision

"Our home is connected to the world, to the Earth and to our heart." 

The ambition of KINKÔ Atelier is to find the right balance in this connected world, ensuring that our home is still a place where we can feel harmony and serenity, a place that looks like us, a place where we feel good.

Our mission, rehabilitation in Lisbon

KINKÔ Atelier rehabilitates and sells old charming apartments in the historical center of the city

Our Concept

Place: Lisbon city, Historical center

Concept idea: Complete reabilitation of old properties well located

Goal/caracteristics of the house:

  • Functional and smart with up to date technology
  • Comfortable and relaxing - easy flow, good lighting, easy to maintain 
  • Beautifull - architect plan and qualitative material 
  • Secure - from floor to roof

Mandatory keys:

  • Local resources 
  • Quality execution - secure good finishing, nice impression and durability 
  • Portuguese heritage - respect and/or add touch of Portuguese culture 
  • Contemporary style and adapted to local environment